Meet the Team

Bevan-Rabell, Inc. has an extraordinary team of individuals who have spent many years in the aviation industry. Although meeting each customer would be nice, our customers are nation and worldwide which makes meeting you difficult to achieve. Bevan-Rabell can however introduce ourselves to you!


Our very own Kent McIntyre, recipient of the 2013 AEA Member of the Year Award, owner and President of Bevan-Rabell, Inc.


Please meet Anita Zoglman, she is the Accountant and Office Manager at Bevan-Rabell. Anita can answer all your concerns regarding invoices and payments.


Next is Sarah Johnson, Sarah is the Director of Marketing. She can help you with just about anything or will lead you in the right direction. She also answers all the phone calls.


We have 5 technicians that repair avionics with individual test equipment on their own bench. With over 100 combined years of experience, this team extraordinary!

This is Mike Gros. He is the Avionics Bench Repair Manager. Mike also is a hands on technician working on DME’s, Transponders, Power Supply’s and GPS’s. Call Mike for avionics questions and repair concerns!

Mike Gros

Introducing Tom Jecha, he repairs Nav/Coms and is the only certified tech in the country to work on TKM radios besides TKM themselves.

Tom Jecha

Jacob Kinsey is our head Auto Pilot technician and does a great job with repair of avionics. He is currently cross training in all categories.

Jacob Kinsey

Last but not least we have Bill Barnes who stays so busy we can’t even keep up with him!

In our South hangar we have our team of Avionics Installation Tech’s

First from our avionics hangar is Steve Gooch; he designs our custom panels. Steve is a commercial pilot himself and designs the panel for maximum utility, accuracy, versatility and appearance.

Steve Gooch

Next, we have Scott Merchant. Scott is amazing with troubleshooting an issue in the plane and/or the avionics. His specialty is attention to detail and wastes no time completing your aircraft.

Scott Merchant

Meet Marc Renteria, he is another great troubleshooter! He is very knowledgeable of the wiring throughout the aircraft.


We have Jon Weaver here, he excels at performing certifications and installations of avionics!

Chuck Smitley is a fast paced installer and troubleshooter! Taking apart the entire aircraft, installing and wiring the avionics, then re-installing the panels and interior keeps Chuck busy here at Bevan.

Casey Fortune is excelling in avionics installation and performing certifications. He’s a fast learner and always eager to work. 


In 2002, Bevan-Rabell added Airframe and Engine Maintenance in a second hangar. There we have 3 A&P mechanics.

Russ Parker (not pictured) is the Aircraft Maintenance Supervisor at Bevan. Russ also works in the field as a hands on mechanic.

We also have Kevin Odgers & Marc Barrett as A&P’s in Aircraft Maintenance.


Mark Barrett

We have an in house parts department for all the technicians. With that comes our Shipping and Receiving Department. 

The one, the only Parts Manager at Bevan, Ron Aspinwall. He also receives and ships out every SINGLE box coming and going from Bevan.


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  1. Carol A. Harms

    To: Kent McIntyre
    I’m not a client. But, I read in Sunday’s paper of your letting your employees use the company aircraft to get their private pilot’s license. What a wonderful opportunity for your techs.

  2. Glen Burrows

    Nice to see the crew and shop doing so well! I will always remember my time with Bevan. Hello Steve, John, Mark, Mike, and Kent.

    Regards, Glen B.

  3. David Kagey

    Are you the same guys who run the web site? I could not get it to open

    • Sarah Johnson

      David, we are not. We do. however, work on the KX170B’s. Let us know if we can help you with one! 316-946-4870

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