Custom Panel Design

It is proven that custom instrument panels increase pilot efficiency within the plane.

While most shops outsource custom makings of instrument panels, Bevan- Rabell, Inc. has the capability to custom design a panel in house. Steve Gooch, a professional pilot himself designs the panel for maximum utility, accuracy, versatility and appearance. These are not “cookie cutter” designs but one-of-a-kind templates with your signature on every inch. Superior design of instrument panels has given us recognition in magazines and news articles as well as being frequently rewarded with compliments by pilots.

Custom Panel

The modern appearance of custom panels look exceptional in any aircraft. Steve takes the time to evaluate the placement of each piece being installed into the new panel. Your panel will be CAD designed, precision cut and powder coated with laser etched lettering. With eight traditional panel colors and a never ending list of custom colors, your panel will complement the interior of your aircraft nicely. Bevan-Rabell guarantees you’ll enjoy the simplicity and sophistication of the upgraded avionics suite.

panel collage

Panel upgrades may also be performed on a smaller scale without adding any avionics. Your existing panel goes through a paint removal process, is corrosion treated and repainted. The finished result will be a refurbished piece looking like a new instrument panel. Upgrading avionics into your existing panel can be done with small adjustments and modifications. The current panel may be modified to mount just one or two new pieces, like a Garmin GTN750 and 650. A small aluminum piece is cut and color matched to the existing panel. The piece overlays the existing panel and your new avionics are installed. The results are still outstanding!


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