Shipping Avionics into Bevan

Thank you for taking a second to look at our suggestions on shipping your avionics into Bevan. Our shipping expert ships over 2,000 packages a year without any claims for damaged boxes.

We can’t stress enough the importance on how to properly ship a unit.

It may go through 6 locations before being delivered to us.

Here are the suggestions we have for you…

  • Find a box that has 3 or more inches of extra room on all of the units 6 sides.
  • Wrap your avionics in 2” of good quality bubble wrap.


  • Lay a protective layer about 2″ thick of padding on the bottom of your box. This could be shipping paper, layered bubble wrap, shipping peanuts or thick foam.


  • Next, lay your unit on this layer and pack any of the above around it, over pack it tightly. Remember that packages are tossed around and objects settle as they shift.



  • You do not need an RMA number for repairs or returns.
  • Remember to insure your box for an appropriate amount. This is determined by the cost to replace each avionics unit you are shipping.

UPS automatically insures for $100

FedEx automatically insures for $100

USPS automatically insures for $50 on Priority Mail and $100 on Priority Mail Express

Bevan-Rabell NEEDS the following to insure your avionics unit is repaired, billed and shipped to the correct person.

  • Your name and/or business
  • Your phone number and/or cell number
  • Your shipping address and your billing address
  • The discrepancy of the unit. We need to know what issues you are having, what is happening while in the plane and/or what lights or sounds are causing problems. Even if you have called in and talked with a tech., we need paperwork. 
  • Include your down time of the unit. If you are needing a quick turn please call to notify the technician AND state this on your paperwork. 

The Do & Do Not’s of Shipping!

These are actual photos and incidents of units being received at Bevan.

We promise the “do not’s” have actually happened.

  • DO NOT reuse the ‘form around’ type foam. This foam is intended for smaller object that it was originally formed around. The unit needs to be packed tight.

  • DO NOT use or reuse the Air Pillow Shipping Bags. These do not stay in place while the unit is in transit. They lose air over time.IMG_4220
  • DO NOT reuse a weak box. If there are any creases, punctures, tares or areas of weakness, please do not use the box. There are two reasons for this, first, the box is already weak and it will be getting more weak throughout transit. Two, if damage occurs, all three shipping companies named above WILL NOT cover the damages. They insist on using a box that appears to be in new/great condition.
  • DO NOT ship too many units in a box that can not handle the load.
  • DO NOT try and save money on shipping. It is not worth the risk. We can bet your avionics are dated but still in great working condition and you do not want to have to find another to replace it. If may not be replaceable.
  • DO NOT ship avionics in Flat Rate shipping boxes or bubble / fiber envelopes.
  • DO wrap your avionics in 2 inches of good bubble wrap ON ALL SIDES!
  • DO make sure the thickest bubble wrap is covering the connectors and face plates.
  • DO use peanuts or foam around the unit and OVER FILL the box so it is still firm after shifting.
  • DO put paperwork IN your box.
  • DO insure your unit.