Avionics Bench Repair

Like the successful businesses of Nike, Amazon and Carmex, Bevan Rabell originally started in the trunk of a car. Specifically, Ralph Bevan’s station wagon. 

Fast forward to 1954, Bevan Rabell becomes a small avionics shop and since then we have been a solid fixture in the aviation industry and continue to grow. Avionics equipment is serviced in our bench repair lab which houses seven technician benches all with personal test equipment. Combined, these techs have over 105 years of experience. As a result, our turnaround time is among the best in the business. Bevan Rabell works with a large network of dealers and distributors, that saying, we can guarantee quick, reliable results.


Today, with a highly regarded past, we service avionics from a worldwide market.  Avionics Bench Manager, Mike Gros, has  25 years of repairing avionics at Bevan alone. His team is composed of 5 technicians who repair aviation’s top manufacturer names like Garmin and Bendix King, while still repairing legacy units such as Narco, TKM and ARC. We are the leading repair facility still working on an earlier generation of avionics. Mike Gros, will direct your radios discrepancy to the technician with the greatest ability for repair, one of which repaired his first radio 49 years ago.

avionics repairs by the numbers

Contact Mike Gros by calling 316.946.4870